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The Advanced Guide to Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System Reset

Nowadays, with the modern technology on cars, Nissan vehicle immobilizer system reset is possible.

If your car fails to startup, you don’t have to panic as much as you can efficiently resolve this issue using the Nissan cars immobilizer system reset.

This process will assist you if you follow the instructions correctly. Although Nissan usually recommends people keep the authorized key in a different key ring to help avoid mixing the keys.

The idea helps the Nissan vehicle owners to prevent people from interfering, which causes the vehicle not to start up since it does not recognize the key used.

Read through the whole article, and you will understand about Nissan vehicles immobilizer system reset.

Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System Reset: 07 Steps Procedure

Step 1: Rest all the door keys of your car

First of all, you will be required to get out of your car, make sure that you have rolled up all your windows, shut all the doors, and closed the trunk and the rear hatch of your car.

Then you will lock your car using the driver’s side lock and then move away at least ten feet from where the car is. After 15 to 20 minutes, you can now unlock the door.

This step should be able to reset the security system of the vehicle.

Step 2: Reset the immobilizer

If you pushed the panic button, it would be impossible to start up a car.

In this step, you are needed to reset the immobilizer, and you can do this by hold down the panic button for at least five seconds. Ensure that you have done have this to restart the vehicle.

Step 3: Key activation

Here you will push the lock button two times, after which you will need to move ten feet away from where the vehicle is.

Now, wait for some minutes, maybe around 10 minutes. Remember, after every step, you ensure to cancel the security light.

Failure to do this the system will not reset, and you will see this through some light that would appear to be blinking when you try to start the vehicle’s engine.

Step 4: Deactivate the security system

At this point, you are needed to hit the unlock button on the fob two times.

By doing this, you will be able to deactivate the security system, which will be accompanied by a loud horn beep or turn on the car’s exterior flashlights.

Step 5: Turn on the ignition of the car

Insert now your ignition key and then turn it to the ON position. You will then try to start up the engine.

Wait for about 10 minutes, and you will note that the security lights will blink on, and then they will go off on their own.

The engine will not start, so you will turn the key to the off position and wait for 5 seconds. You will then have to repeat the same process three times at 10 minutes cycles.

Your vehicle should now be ready to learn the code the next time you try using your key.

Step 6: Soft reboot the security system

At this step, you will have to remove the alarm fuse in the fuse panel. If you have your car’s user manual, you should be able to carry out this step without any problems.

By doing this, will turn down the security system of the car. After that, you can now reinsert the fuse, and this will activate the system once again.

This process will reboot the immobilizer.

Step 7: Hard reboot the security system

Now disconnect the battery, and this can be conducted by removing the negative cable from the battery. Leave it for 5 minutes before you go back to reconnecting it.

The procedure helps make the security system go through a complicated reboot process, which will reset the alarm protocol.

The immobilizer will be ready to start functioning properly once again.

Nissan Car Immobolozer System: What & Why?

This immobilizer is an anti-theft system that does not allow the engine of the vehicle to start until a key that has been registered is used.

Therefore, it can be described as a device used to lock the vehicle’s engine and other systems usually used for driving purposes.

The majority of these mobilizers are pretty effective and very efficient because they can protect the car even when the user or owner of the car is not available or anywhere near the car.

Even in a situation where there is an attempt to steal the car, the owner is not alarmed or alerted since they are no audible sounds produced in this scenario.

For that extra security, it is advised that the immobilizer is always to be left in the car for it to be able to prevent theft cases.

What does the immobilizer system do?

For an immobilizer to perform its duties perfectly well, an integrated key that has been authorized is used to start up an engine of a vehicle.

Even though sometimes thieves can open your car without ant struggle, this system makes it completely impossible to drive your car away.

An immobilizer usually has an electronic device fitted in your motor vehicle to boost your security measures.

The key, which generally transmits an electronic code to the car’s system that keeps on changing each time, makes it impossible for the thieves to crank it up.

The engines will only start when the transmitted code from your key matches the code registered on the exact vehicle that is being started.

Inability to this, no one will be able to bypass your vehicle’s ignition switch.

Thus an important point to note is that when registering your key; make sure it is authorized with the vehicle’s computer.

How to Install Nissan Immobilizer: the Simplest Way

Installing this system in your vehicle can be efficiently conducted by following these outlined steps.

Step 1: Get into your car

First of all, you will be required to get inside your car while possessing your car key. You can now proceed to ensure that you have correctly locked all the doors of your vehicle.

Step 2: Installation mode

In this step, you will place the key into the ignition. While you are doing this, make sure that you do not start the car whatsoever.

After which, you will have to remove the key and then repeatedly do the same process like six times; this process can go on to ten times.

When the key is accepted into your car, you will see the hazard lights flashing two times. This process will be able to put both the car and the key in installation mode successfully.

Step 3: Electronics activation

Now you can again place the vehicle’s key back to the ignition and this time, do this while you are turning the key.

Again you will have to ensure that you still don’t start the vehicle. This process will be able to activate the electronics that are found in the car.

Step 4: Quick Press the intelligent key

This process will require you to be very fast while doing it to ensure its maximum effectiveness. You will need to press any button that is found on the Nissan intelligent key.

Step 5: Tests the intelligent key

In this final step, you will be testing if the whole installation process was a success. Now get out of your car and move some distance away from the vehicle.

Then click the buttons on the key and observe if the lights flash on or your car horns beep once. If you can hear or see this, it means that you completed the installation process successfully.

Ensure that this works well by trying it out again, but try it closer to the car this time. Open the door of your vehicle.

You should be able to do this now without you pressing any buttons on your Nissan intelligent key.

Important Q&A about Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System Reset

Can I shut down my immobilizer?

Method 1

Yes, you can do this very quickly by turning the key to unlock the vehicle and not releasing the key while you are doing this.

Hold the critical 30 seconds in the same position.

Now try to start the car’s engine, take your key out, and again, try to start while ensuring that the key cylinder remains in the unlocked position.

Method 2

You can leave the ignition switch to the ON position and maintain it for 5 seconds in this method.

Now you will turn the ignition switch to the off position and wait for at least 10 seconds. Again go through the first and the second procedures repeatedly.

Now you can restart the engine while holding the key that is likely to have caused the interference.

What causes immobilizers problems?

Immobilizer problems can mainly be caused by damaged wires, wires that have been corroded.

Sometimes faulty and malfunctioning sensors can be why an immobilizer is not working as it should.

But not to worry, like this, your car immobilizer can quickly fix by purchasing a new battery found on the key fob.

How will I bypass my immobilizer?

You can pass your immobilizer by inserting a mobo key in the keyhole. Moreover, this will allow you to start your vehicle remotely using a Smartphone.

It will be only achievable when you have an immobilizer module in your car.

This key will be able to deactivate the system, but not to worry, as the security of your car will be immediately deactivated once again as soon as you move the Smartphone away from your car.

What are the signs to look out for to be able to know that my immobilizer is terrible?

Because your engine will only start when the authorized key is used, the system and the authorized key should work perfectly well.

However, when the immobilizer is in good condition if you start experiencing some difficulties, like an engine having problems starting.

When you have issues turning the ignition key or sometimes you cannot lock or unlock your doors with your smart key.

These are signs that you should check on your immobilizer as it could be harmful.

How will I know that my car has an immobilizer?

The best way to confirm that your car has an immobilizer installed is by checking your car user manual.

You can also know this information by contacting your car manufacturers to confirm it for you.

Although most of the cars were manufactured after the year 1998, it is already found to have been already fitted with an immobilizer while they were still being manufactured.

What causes the immobilizer lights to turn on?

The immobilizer light will automatically turn on if you try using the wrong key that the system does not recognize.

Although sometimes this happens too when the battery in your car is too low, it will cause it to flash multiples times.

But in some cases where it lights for just a few seconds, it simply means that the correct key has been used on the car.

Does the immobilizer in my car drain the battery?

Yes, the immobilizer in your car uses a battery at a significant rate.

How can I remove an immobilizer from my car?

The procedure can be quickly done by reprogramming the chip that is on the ECU.

If you happen to lose your key, you can get help from technicians or resort to getting tools that will help you disengage the key from the cylinder.

Can I program the chip key alone?

Yes, sure you can; as long as you are familiar with the procedure, it is not complex. Just know that the type of your car will determine what procedure you will be required to follow.

You might not necessarily need a professional to help you with this.


If you need a Nissan vehicle immobilizer system reset, Nissan vehicle owners should contact their mechanic immediately since you may be risking by giving chances to car stealers.

Many people will agree that the Nissan vehicle immobilizer system had played a significant role in many people’s cars away from theft and encountering unnecessary losses, unlike before.

And this system has dramatically been responsible for keeping the car turned on with an unregistered key.

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