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Nissan Pathfinder Gas Mileage for all Year: Mileage & Cost

Nissan Pathfinder is a car that many people like because of its advanced technology features like the Nissan Pathfinder gas mileage that satisfy customers’ preferences. Photo Credit: Adrian Kot

However, it has an incredibly spacious room for passengers and luggage if you plan to carry any on your trips and to travel.

Many people have clarified that it seemed more enjoyable while driving it and its safety features are topnotch, which appears to be a plus to this Nissan Pathfinder.

As time goes by, the company keeps improving on their manufactured that are easier to maintain, and it is because of this improvement and technology on the interior that seems to be a people’s choice.

Nissan Pathfinder Gas Mileage: Total Calculation

In this section, we will look at the models of Nissan Pathfinder and how their gas mileage features are.

We have different models, and they are into two areas: Two-wheel drive (2wd) and those that are Four-wheel drive (4wd).

The Nissan Pathfinder models include:

  • 2wd Nissan Pathfinder S,
  • 2wd Nissan Pathfinder SV,
  • 2wd Nissan Pathfinder SL,
  • 2wd Nissan Pathfinder Platinum,
  • 4wd Nissan Pathfinder S,
  • 4wd Nissan Pathfinder SV,
  • 4wd Nissan Pathfinder SL,
  • 4wd Nissan Pathfinder Platinum.

Now let us look at each model’s gas mileage, and we will look at the rate at which each model covers mile per gallon (mpg). When driving in the city, on a highway, and when the miles are combined.

The rating on combined presumes going 55% of the time you move to the town and 45% of the time you are driving on a highway.

Nissan Pathfinder 2WD

2wd Nissan Pathfinder S

  • This car is a two-wheel drive that covers 20 miles per gallon when driving in the city.
  • It covers 27 miles per gallon when you are driving on a highway.
  • In combined, it can do 23 miles per gallon.

2wd Nissan Pathfinder SV

  • This one can go at 20 miles per gallon when you are driving in a city.
  • It does cover 27 miles per gallon if you are driving on the highway
  • For combined, it is 23 miles per gallon.

2wd Nissan Pathfinder SL

  • This model has 20 miles per gallon when you are driving in the city.
  • When you are going on a highway, then it is estimated to be 27 miles per gallon
  • For this model, combined gas mileage is 27 miles per gallon

2wd Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

  • If you are driving in the city, then it will be 20 miles per gallon
  • When going on a highway then this will be at 27 miles per gallon
  • In combined driving, your car, the gas mileage will be at 23 miles per gallon.

Nissan Pathfinder 4WD

4wd Nissan Pathfinder S

  • This four-wheel-drive model gas mileage is estimated at 19 miles per gallon while driving it in the city.
  • This model’s rate of fuel consumption will be at 26 miles per gallon.
  • For the combined case of this car model, the gas mileage will be at 22 miles per gallon.

4wd Nissan Pathfinder SV

  • The gas mileage that this model will consume will be 19 miles per gallon if you are driving in the city
  • If you are going on the highway with this car model, your gas mileage will be 26 miles per gallon
  • For the combined case, the gas mileage will be at 22 miles per gallon

4wd Nissan Pathfinder SL

  • The gas mileage for this vehicle’s model will be 19 gallons per mile in a case where you are driving in a city.
  • While driving on the highway, the mileage will be 26 miles per gallon.
  • In the combined case, the fuel consumption rate is going to be around 22 miles per gallon.

4wd pathfinder Platinum

  • For this four-wheel drive, the gas mileage is at 19 miles per gallon when driving in the city.
  • When you are driving on the highway, the consumption rate will be at 22 miles per gallon.

If you were not aware, then this information will put you in the know.

But you need to know that the actual gas mileage varies from one car to another, and in some cases, it depends on the driving conditions you are in that very moment.

How to Get the Best Gas Mileage on Nissan Pathfinder

If you have been wondering what you will do to get the best gas mileage in your vehicle, you are in the right place because I will explain to you some of the tips you can follow to achieve this.

Step 1: Get rid of unnecessary weight.

Try always to ensure that there are no unnecessary loads that add weight to your car.

If you have that extra load making your car heavier than usual, it will require your vehicle to use more power to move the vehicle forward.

Thus, increasing the rate at which your car will consume fuel and you can easily avoid this.

Step 2: Proper care and maintenance

You can improve your fuel economy by making sure that you do regular checks and taking good care of your car.

Cleaning your air filters often to avoid them getting dirty, ensuring that the transmission fluids of your vehicle are at the recommended level will help your fuel economy.

Changing your oil as you should also improve your gas mileage.

Step 3: Practice slow driving

Slowly driving your car can help you avoid spending a lot on fuel, and in the end, you will achieve a good fuel economy.

Also, allow your vehicle to slow down on its own before stopping instead of breaking your car instantly.

Step 4: Ensure your car tires are well inflated

Rotating the tires takes more effort, especially when they have low pressure, unlike when inflating them.

Make sure that you are checking for this at least every month; in the end, you will notice changes in how your car is consuming fuel.

Nissan Pathfinders Gas Type

There are several types of gas that different vehicles use. World Wide Fuel Charter(WWFC) has recommendations of how and when to use these types.

And it is essential to know and stick to what your car needs. Nissan recommends the use of regular unleaded gasoline if you can access it in your area.

Let’s look at the types of gasoline that are in the market.

  • Reformulated gasoline

This type of gasoline is well blended to burn in a more friendly way in the environment. Moreover, it also helps with maintaining the vehicle’s performance and value.

  • Gasoline with oxygenates

In this type of gasoline, fuel additives are added to enhance fuel combustion but reduce exhaust emissions.

These oxygenate are generally in the form of alcohol or a gas named ether.

NOTE: Nissan does not recommend the use of aftermarket fuel additives because they may contain an active solvent that can cause severe damage to the engine of the car and the fuel system at large.

Ensure that if you intend on using an oxygenate blend apart from the methanol blend, you should make sure that it does not consist of more than 10% oxygenate.

Always ask if the gasoline you are about to use meets all the WWFC criteria to avoid mishaps polluting our environment.

Nissan Pathfinders Gas Tank Size

The tank’s size is also called the fuel tank capacity and may vary slightly in some models. A gas tank is the part of the engine that holds the flammable fluid. Below are the sizes.

4wd Nissan Pathfinder Platinum: This model has a tank size of 19.5 gallons

2wd Nissan pathfinder platinum: This car model has a tank size of 18.5 gallons

Four-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder SL: The tank size of this model is 19.5 gallons

Two-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder SL: This model has a tank size of 19.5 gallons

Four-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder S: This one has a capacity of 19.5 gallons

Two-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder S: The tank size of this car model is 19.5 gallons

Four-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder SV: The size of this model is 19.5 gallons

Two-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder SV: This model has a tank size of 19.5 gallons

Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Cost

Determining the fuel cost of a Nissan pathfinder may require you to know something that you will consider.

  • Divide the total distance of your trip by 100
  • The results you will get after this are what you will multiply by the fuel consumption.
  • Now the figure you will get, use it to multiply by the cost of fuel per liter.

The cost will vary as some factors increase the cost of fuel. Some of these factors include

  1. Wind and weather conditions
  2. Loads
  3. Trip distance
  4. Fuel cost


Frequently Ask Questions about Nissan Pathfinder Gas Mileage

Why is two-wheel drive considered better than four-wheel drive-in-saving gas?

It is because cars with two-wheel drive get better gas mileage than those using four-wheel drive.

4wd vehicles are heavier, which makes their engine work much harder to move the car. Hence more fuel is being used in this process which is not the same case in two-wheel-drive cars.

A Nissan pathfinder can be able to last how many miles?

This car can easily last for about 250000 to 300000 miles without any issues or needing significant repairs.

But to be able to achieve this, you should ensure that you are giving your Nissan pathfinder proper care and maintenance.

In some cases, people using these cars come out to say to have been using their vehicles for more than five years.

How comfortable is a Nissan pathfinder?

Due to its spacious feature, this car easily accommodates up to seven passengers when the seats are placed appropriately and can reach their destination without any struggle.

In another case, this car can accommodate two to four passengers that can comfortably sleep in it through the entire night when the vehicle’s seats are down.

Is Nissan pathfinder a good car for the winter period?

Yes, a Nissan pathfinder has features that it may require for safe driving during winter.

This car has an intelligent four-by-four system that lets you select a drive mode that you want and will ensure optimal traction while driving.

Which among the Nissan pathfinders is the best?

The model manufactured in 2017 is considered to be the best model among the models of Nissan pathfinders.

It is because many people believed that it was very comfortable. After all, it has more space for both the legroom and the headroom.

It also had high performance and value. Technology seems more upgraded, which pleased the customers as people always want something related to updated technology.

What are the problems that Nissan pathfinder owners face?

There are cases in which people with Nissan pathfinders repot to be having. Some of these challenges include:

  • The car may be unable to blow hot or cold air into the cabin, especially when the vehicle is idle or running below 950 revolutions per minute.
  • Some complained of hearing noises that were coming from the air conditioner when the car was still running.
  • An increase in the amount of fuel consumption and power loss is there.
  • The engine stalling

How safe is the Nissan pathfinder?

This car is rated a 5 star on safety measures; in case of an accident, it can survive a crash or a roll-over crash.

Thus, it is considered one of the safest cars in the market because the safety measures during manufacture have proven very effective during car crash tests.

Can a Nissan pathfinder be driven off-road?

Yes, this car has a very high potential of being driven off, and its performance is a remarkable one.

The four-wheel drive works perfectly well when it combines with its powerful v6 engine that pulls through well inroads that are hard to drive in.

How can I check the history of my car service history?

The history can be checked on the internet using your smartphone or laptop.

Is having a full service necessary?

Yes, many manufacturers advise you to have your car fully serviced every year or after achieving 12000 miles.


With the Nissan Pathfinder gas mileage knowledge, it is safe to say that it is a car that one should consider purchasing because of its exciting features, safety measures.

And affordable fuel economy as long as it is well maintained. As it is a spacious car, it is suitable for a person with a family and is planning to go for a trip or even camping feeling less pressure.

You may have an adventurous drive while having this car in your possession.

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