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4 Quick Tips Regarding Nissan Navigation SD Card Hacks

Updates are released yearly and having Nissan navigation SD card hacks are very important. Meanwhile, this year’s update is available!

Nissan’s navigation is achieved by a couple of means: SD cards, different shades of DVDs, and more.

Now, updating comes with some major perks; the prior one you had probably did not have certain locations in the current database, and road names change.

Roads are constructed and addresses vary from time to time. With the latest update of the Nissan navigation, all resources are maximized or, perhaps, well utilized.

Moreover, we are in a world that is eager to decimate the carbon footprints in our planets. Thanks to tesla and other electronic automobile makers making an impact in this respect.

The natural process of using Nissan navigation SD cards is arduous; why not use hacks?

Nissan Navigation SD Card Hacks: Learn and Apply

01. The things used in cloning a navigation SD card

  1. One or two SD card readers
  2. A windows pc
  3. The cloning software (usually available for free download and installation).

The Process

  1. Connect both the original and cloned navigation SD card to the computer. Proceed to run the AOMEI BackUpper application. Click on the “disk clone”.
  2. Identify the navigation SD card as the source and click on next.
  3. Involve the target SD card in the mix and proceed.
  4. Tick the box beside sector by sector clone to duplicate the original card and start up the cloning process.

Note that the cloned card will be absolutely overwritten so any information on it should be backed up appropriately.

Sooner or later, you will have two navigation SD cards at your disposal.

But you might have a problem: the Nissan connect may begin to ask for a generic card. This is where backup and restoration come in.

02. Backing Up Your SD Card: How to Backup Nissan Navigation SD Cards

The navigation cards of cars, Nissan included, are the holy grail.

There have been multiple cases of car breaking and the victim of the burglary- apart from the glasses and doors- is the SD card.

Getting a replacement from a Nissan car dealership could go on cost around 130 pounds. The other damages to the car can take your expenses to above 500 pounds.

Typical software for getting the job done is the EaseUs software and all your map database can be uploaded to your pc.

Certain happenings are inevitable: a car breaking and theft of your precious navigation SD card. Nevertheless, you can retain your information by taking the proactive step of backing up.

Cloning would sound nice too. In this process, you are picking up every fragment of info from your original and placing it on a new one.

A dead-end looms. The new card stays undetected by the navigation card while it continually demands “a Nissan card only”. So, it is an absolute waste of time.

04. Getting cheap Nissan navigation SD cards

The SD cards are generally expensive. You are in the know of that by now. Online marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon offer navigation sd cards at cheaper rates.

It only takes is knowing where to get them!

Nissan Navigation SD Card: What & Why do You Need It?

As mentioned earlier, the Nissan navigation is your road guide. The important landmarks that a road user would need are included.

You may have stepped out and skipped your bowl of cereals, then, at the traffic light, hunger pangs set in.

The navigation system allows a sped-up search for a meal spot. On one of the recent updates (2018), 716,807 restaurants are on stand-by; look nowhere else to satisfy your cravings.

Other attractions are the numerous fuel stations and ATMs that you can be directed to, on-demand.

Types of Nissan Navigation SD Card

Nissan navigation SD cards are as numerous as sand at the seashore.

Not exactly uncountable but many. With every new car model released, better chips are provided so that consumers never go astray.

The chips do not start a car’s entry into the market though. Periodic updates do not just click and click and the old version is made good.

A new chip is slotted into the system at each instance. Whenever your Nissan navigation SD card cannot give you reliable information anymore, do well to visit the website for updates.

Simply proceed to select your vehicle type. Poster models for the Nissan company are;

  1. 3702 Coupe
  2. 3702 Roadster
  3. Altima
  4. Armada
  5. Frontier
  6. Leaf
  7. Maxima
  8. Murano, to mention but a few.

The processes are quite easy to undertake and will be further looked into in the course of this reveal.

What Navigation SD Cards are in Nissan?

Some popular ones readily available are:

  1. Nissan connect 3 Europe
  2. Nissan connect 3 v6
  3. Nissan connect 1 v6 Europe
  4. OEM Nissan SD card (highly versatile)
  5. 9DDOD Nissan connect SD card
  7. 2013-2018 Nissan navigation SD card
  8. Nissan connects satellite navigation SD card.

This does not cover everyone on the market, for sure. In fact, this gives you an idea of how the various kinds are classified.

Some are regionally complaint, like the ones that single out Europe in their names. Meanwhile, others are mega editions.

They are made to cover about six years. This spells out higher efficiency and increased pricing. OEM SD cards are equally very good.

It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Cars in this category are put together by companies associated with Nissan by contract.

Navigation SD cards in this niche are usable across a range of car models in the Nissan brand.

How to Change Nissan Navigation SD Card

To change your Nissan navigation SD card, you have to update it.

On your navigation screen, you can see the info tab. Then proceed to system navigation.

Nissan has a portal open for owners. Click on the “my Nissan”. Find the “navigation map update”.

Soon, a field appears that demands the car model. Put in the model of your Nissan.

An Altima, a famous old brand, will have almost all the navigation disk types since inception- CD and all.

How to Copy Nissan Navigation SD Card

When the word copying comes up, you would imagine someone peeping into another’s papers during exams.

Yes, something similar. It is also called cloning in the aspect of navigation SD cards.

You are out to create a card similar to the original asides from that the bodies are different, of course.

They are different purposes for cloning like;

  • Having a last resort when the original is corrupted.
  • Moving with more speed; SD cards differ in their smooth running on the navigation system.

For the backup/ copy process to run well and effectively, an adequate Navigation SD card duplicator.

There are two methods to make easy work of the job:

  1. Using the specific car brand toolbox for a navigation SD card.
  2. Employing a freeware capable of cloning any navigation SD card whatsoever.

Since the first option is not available especially for Nissan so it is better to exploit the second option.

Amid the plethora of freeware applications all over the web and burn onto CDs, AOMEI Backupper Standard is king. It is tested and trusted by Windows users.

This version is tenable on versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, and XP.

What Features Make AOMEI the go-to ToolBox


It makes the copying process quite easy. Without bothering about restoration, the cloned card can be used almost immediately.


This feature is unique to AOMEI. CERTAIN NAVIGATION SYSTEMS ONLY SUPPORT ORIGINAL CARDS. Under this feature, the cloned card can take on the image of an original.

If an error occurs during the backup, it can be restored to normalcy.


AOMEI supports many different navigation SD cards. Nissan, Ford, and Mazda make up a long list of compatible automobile brands.

Backing Up and Restoring When Using AIMEI Backupper

  1. Connect the new Nissan navigation SD card to the pc and load up the cloning software and select “disk backup” under the backup tab.
  2. In case the card malfunctions, try restoring by “select image file”.

With all these procedures taken, you are safe in any bad circumstances that your original card falls prey to.

Nissan Navigation SD Card Hacks- Most Searched FAQs

How to upgrade my Nissan navigation SD card without paying?

This question is in two ways; First, it is going about updating. Then getting your navigation to recent relevance without charges.

Clicking on “info” on the navigation screen starts your Nissan navigation SD card upgrade. Proceed to system information. Go on to use the “the map update” tab then update.

Now, to get this update for free, use the open sheet map project. It allows you to download Maps and upload them to no spending.

How much is the subscription?

The Nissan Connect system is lovable. It brings entertainment and information into your car and you find it very hard to do without it.

However, all these come at a cost. A recurring one, to be precise. The price ranges from between 11.99 to 24.99 dollars monthly, spread over three packages.

These packages are namely

  • Standard package
  • Premium package
  • Premium Plus package

With every package level, more features are on offer

I do not need a GPS tracker any longer, how do I get rid of it?

Hacking a car’s system navigation does not mean you cannot be located, and, mind you, the GPS may still work for its other purposes.

The only way to end it is to remove the entire satellite, cellular, or navigation system embedded in the car. So, it is three simple steps.

  • Locate the GPS tracker.
  • Discover or come to terms with each component of the system.
  • Remove all of it!

What’s bad? You can now use your knowledge of roads and street maps to make your journey, which could get quite stressful. What’s good?

You do not have to pay a bot to give you directions. Honestly, some people do not need the feature so why subscribe to it, find ways to tweak it or be misled by archaic information when it is not up to date.

If I had to change my Nissan navigation SD card, how much will it cost?

As cheap as these SD cards could get, they get pretty expensive as well.

For instance, on eBay, the prices of Nissan navigation SD cards start at as low as 20 dollars and go all the way up to 300 dollars.

This largely depends on how current the car model is and its demand on the automobile market.

Is it illegal to clone a navigation SD card?

The issue of whether cloning is right or wrong bears mentioning. Still, know this.

The original factory-made cards are copyrighted and at appropriate quarters indulging in this process could be punishable.

So do not go around flaunting any hack: use them and keep sealed lips.

How can I update my Nissan navigation for free?

The OpenStreetMap project has its free key features; you can add fresh maps at no cost.


At this point, you know that tweaking your Nissan navigation SD card in one way or the other comes with great benefits.

It is even more convenient when it is “do it yourself”.

Manufacturers are toiling to give you the best of technology albeit sapping into your funds; they never claimed to be a no-governmental organization anyway.

However, these are ways you can help yourself. The costs of each chip are pretty heavy on the pocket so losing it will hurt badly.

Why not create an avenue to retain your information. In other news, money might be your friend, but some information lost is a rare find. What about that?

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