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Nissan Map Update Hack: Nissan Car DIY Life Hacks

Are you looking for a Nissan map update hack method? Nissan navigation system update is one of the most critical aspects of driving in an unfamiliar geographical area.

Many users can enjoy a much more pleasant and comfortable experience when they have the correct maps.

However, today’s maps do not only include the streets and roads available in the surrounding area.

These maps are also important because they provide extra features such as gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest.

The following guide can be handy for people who wish to drive more comfortably.

Nissan Map Update Hack: Nissan DIY Life Hacks

There are different ways to update the Nissan maps. This procedure is necessary as it allows the vehicle driver to move more efficiently in unfamiliar places.

Moreover, there is not only one method to update Nissan maps, but we have found two different methods that we mention below.

Method 1: Map Update Tool

Check the Nissan model

There are different ways to be able to update Nissan maps in a fast and straightforward way.

In any case, it is necessary to check the Nissan model that each user has. This is because different Nissan models usually have different software or map systems.

Two fundamental aspects that should be taken into account are the Nissan model along the year of manufacture.

With this primary data, the user will count on one or more modes to update Nissan maps.

The difference also lies in the fact that some of these modes do not have additional charges, while others are necessary to have a specific budget to access the map updates.

Once the user has the model and year of their Nissan vehicle, they can proceed.

Using the Map update tool application

The map update tool is chosen by many users who want to improve their navigation system before a trip.

When the user has arrived at the model and year of manufacture of his vehicle, he will use this tool.

Precisely this method gives drivers the possibility to update locations and contacts and delete or add information.

This requires a USB memory stick or device, as this map update tool is used from a desktop or laptop computer.

This method may require a purchase by the user to achieve a complete solution according to the desired update.

This tool will be able to notify the other updates available and those available to each user.

Performing the update

When using the map update tool, the USB device must be inserted into the computer. Within the application, the user must enter the map update section.

In this section, the user will view a list of each of the available maps that can be downloaded. It is important to choose each of the maps that the user will need in his navigation system.

The options available for the different maps in this section are to download or update. The downloaded maps must be stored on a USB memory stick.

Once the user has all the desired maps, they should insert the USB device into the navigation system.

The system will be able to recognize the available updates inside the USB stick.

Once these instructions appear, the user only needs to follow the necessary steps to complete the map update.

This whole procedure can be done in just a few minutes and allows the user to navigate different places without connecting to the internet.

Method 2: Services provided by Nissan

Search for the desired update

As in the previous procedure, the user also needs to know exactly the model and year of his Nissan vehicle.

This is useful to be able to find precisely each of the available updates in the Nissan system.

It is also a set of compatibilities that each Nissan model must meet according to its year of manufacture or the upgrades incorporated between the different models.

Once the user knows these data, they can enter the Nissan page within the navigation sector.

By entering Nissan’s navigation store, the user will request the desired map updates according to the zones they must drive.

By logging on to nissan.navigation.com, the user needs to enter the model and year of their vehicle.

Check all available options

By entering the model and year of the Nissan vehicle, the user will view all the available options.

One of the important aspects about them is that each user will know all the features of the different products.

Each map usually incorporates a wide variety of details to optimize the efficiency and driving experience.

Many aspects can be beneficial within the maps provided by the Nissan navigation store.

Among the most important aspects are the different fuel stations, ATMs, speed limits on streets or highways, restaurants, and new roads that have been built within each map.

Each of these aspects can be very useful, and that is why experts recommend analyzing these features before choosing the different maps available.

In most cases, users tend to choose the complete options.

Purchasing updates

When it comes time to purchase updates through the Nissan navigation store, the user needs to pay for them.

The Nissan store provides payment methods that are secure and can be made online to avoid the user visiting a dealer.

On certain occasions, the system may require a unique code, such as a system ID or VIN.

If the user does not have any of the required numbers to complete the procedure, they can rely on the assistance of Nissan’s help center.

Nissan Navigation Map

Nissan navigation maps or Nissan navigation system is one of the services provided for users who purchase these vehicles.

Specifically, these are digital maps that the user will be able to view through the screen built into the vehicle’s interior.

In general, the user will count on the maps of the area in which he lives and of his country.

In many cases, these maps do not only provide information about the streets and roads available in the driver’s vicinity. Users will also be able to count on many other data of great interest.

These additional features are precisely planned to provide a more pleasant user experience. This means that it is possible to know the location of many points of interest, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Service stations
  • Mechanic workshops
  • Recreational activity sites
  • Banks or ATMs
  • Newly constructed roads or streets
  • Safety limits for each street or road

How does the Nissan navigation map work?

Nissan’s navigation or mapping system usually works in combination with a satellite, just as a GPS device. This system allows the user to know their location in real-time.

The real-time location of the user is combined with the functionality and different features of Nissan maps.

This means that each driver can know their location to reach the different sites available within a specific area.

In addition, the real-time location tracking of the user allows the device to set the best way to get to a location.

This can be efficient for drivers who are not familiar with a specific geographical area.

Nissan’s navigation system also requires constant updates. Nissan often provides new update packages for Nissan navigation or maps.

This is important as it often incorporates new data such as fuel stations being built, new ATMs, restaurants, and any points of interest that are important to the driver.

How to Reset Nissan Navigation System

Sometimes users or drivers visit certain places and do not want the history to store this information.

This also happens with all those users who sell a Nissan model and want to keep it private.

To delete the history and all data from the Nissan navigation system, it is possible to follow a few simple steps.

Navigation portal

In principle, the navigation portal of the Nissan vehicle can provide information about different aspects of the maps.

On many occasions, the user needs to log in to this site to use the different functions of this navigation system.

Each user of a Nissan vehicle has a Nissan account that should not be shared with anyone.

The user needs to log in to make significant changes, such as deleting data from this navigation system or resetting the system.

Logging in with this Nissan account is essential to complete the procedure and the following steps.


Once the user has successfully logged in, they will need to enter the system configuration section.

This section has all the options available when making relevant changes, such as resetting the Nissan navigation system.


When the user has entered the configuration section, they must enter the data section.


Within the data section, the user simply displays and presses the delete data button.

Important FAQs about Nissan Map Update

Do I have to spend money to update the Nissan navigation system?

There are different ways in which you can upgrade your Nissan navigation system.

The update procedure can incorporate new roads or points of interest that are important for the convenience or experience of each driver.

It is even a necessary procedure, as this allows access to a wide variety of additional functions.

There is a free way to update the Nissan navigation system. This is simply to use the OpenStreetMap project.

It is a digital tool that does not require downloading and transferring different maps to the vehicle system.

However, it is a service that does not usually provide the same efficiency or features as Nissan updates.

Nissan updates are recommended for an entirely new geographic area for the driver, although it does require a budget.

Do I need a USB flash drive to update the navigation system?

As we have mentioned, there are different methods to be able to update the Nissan map system.

One of these methods simply requires the map update tool, which is a computer application. The USB device is necessary since the download of the maps must be stored in this memory.

Once this happens, the user will have the ability to insert their USB stick into their vehicle’s navigation system.

People who do not have a USB stick may also have the possibility to perform this procedure. Some smartphones can connect in data transfer mode.

This means that smartphones can function as a USB memory stick on certain occasions. Anyway, this is a method that may or may not work, depending on each smartphone model.

Can a beginner update Nissan Connect?

Anyone with a Nissan model does not require a lot of specific technical knowledge to update this software.

At first, it is essential to use a wi-fi network to connect the vehicle to the internet. Then you must enter the system menu using the screen.

Entering the information part of the system, the user only has to press the software update button.

How to update Nissan maps at no cost?

When it is time to update Nissan maps, the user does not need any budget for it. The free solution is not as efficient as the paid Nissan solution.

However, it is adequate since the maps must be downloaded from Openstreetmap.

After downloading the maps to a USB stick, you have to insert this same USB stick into the navigation system.

The system will detect a map update, so just follow the instructions to finish the procedure.

Does Nissan Connect require a fee?

For 2020 and 2021 Nissan vehicles, a 6-month trial on Nissan Connect Premium service and a 3-year trial period for Nissan Connect Conventional service is provided.

What is the cost of Nissan Connect?

The driver of a Nissan will have the possibility to choose between Premium Plus, Premium, and Standard quality. The budget required for these services starts at $12 and can go up to $25.


Once the user knows everything about the Nissan map update hack, they will drive much more comfortably and efficiently.

A complete navigation system provides information about all the essential points of interest for any driver.

That is why it is necessary to perform this procedure and enjoy a more pleasant driving life.

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