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How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob: Problems & Solutions

Is the battery of your Nissan key fob not working and needs replacement? Worry not. You do not need expert assistance to fix this.

This article on ‘how to change the battery in a Nissan key fob’ will perfectly guide you. Follow simple steps and get the battery changed in no time.

Performing the task is quite easy, and anybody with minimal knowledge can complete it. So read on and start the process of replacing the key fob battery instantly.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob: the Step-by-Step Process

The key fob of your Nissan requires a battery change after some time. So, if you are facing any issue with any operation via it, you must replace the battery immediately.

Changing this part is not very technical but quite simple to understand. All one requires is precise expertise and skills to complete the task with ease.

The key fobs are very advanced and tech-friendly. However, just like the other gadgets, it needs a battery replacement after a certain time.

Also, it is essential to know how to change the battery yourself to perform the task whenever needed.

The initial experience might be a little tough. Yet, with time and practice, we are sure you will master it. So, cancel the delays and get the battery of your key fob replaced today.

The chief steps to assist you in replacing the Nissan key fob battery are:

01. Open the mechanical key

The chief thing you must do is locate where is the mechanical key. When you hold the key fob turn it so that you can see its backside.

Once you have done this, you will see a tiny catch that you will have to release. Pull the catch down to open the mechanical key from its original position on the fob.

It is the initial process and a vital one because it will assist you in performing the other parts with ease.

02. Open the fob key

At the top of the key fob, you will notice two slit-like structures. Use a small plane screwdriver to separate the slot with safety.

You will have to turn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction to open the slot. After completing and loosening the slots, pull the parts gently and separate them into two.

03. Remove the initial battery

You will locate a tiny and round Panasonic 3V battery in the key fob. Further, the metal disc of the battery is placed on one half of the fob.

Use the flat screwdriver to remove the battery from this slot gently without causing damage. Also, there will be a minute gap below the battery to perform this task safely.

However, it is a crucial step so ensure you do it with ease and care.

04. Insert the new battery

Take any new battery that fits in the Nissan key fob. Now insert the battery into the slot by keeping the writing on it downwards.

The casing will guide you on putting the battery correctly into the key fob. Do not apply a lot of pressure. You are unable to perform the task.

It may damage the battery or internal parts. Instead, gently push it against the spring and make sure the battery clicks perfectly in its place.

05. Attach the housing

It is time to reattach the components that you had displaced. Replacing the two parts of the key fob housing is quite simple.

First, ensure that the two parts align perfectly with one another. Next, gently click them so that they get back in place.

The click makes a noticeable sound for assurance. So, if you do not hear it, then you probably haven’t fixed it. Every part must be perfectly connected for the key fob to work well.

06. Attach the mechanical key

After completing all of this, you need to perform this last step with care. The mechanical key that you had detached must be placed back in its slot.

So, place the spare key in its place and get your Nissan key fob started.

These guidelines will serve you well in fixing your Nissan key fob. Follow them keenly to get accurate results.

However, if you find any difficulty in the process, then seek aid from an expert. Wait no more and understand more about your Nissan key fob by scrolling further.

Nissan Key Fob Battery: What & How does it Work

This component is a unique remote-key that comes with Nissan cars. Nissan key fob requires a tiny round 3V battery to operate smoothly.

Each key has its battery and is used for several purposes. Also, the battery of a Nissan key fob may not last a lifetime.

You either may have to replace it or charge it just like other devices.

The ideal time for each battery should be around two to three years. Nissan introduced an indication to make the operation of batteries simple and understandable for users.

If you notice a blinking light on the key fob, it is time to replace the battery.

Also, other issues like poor performance or late response can be a reason for ruined batteries. The battery is a very vital element of a key fob and must be in place.

Right from attaching it to removing it, you must complete every step with care.

Nissan Key Fob Problems: Common Issues with Nissan Key Fob

We understand how frustrating it feels when your key fob fails to work. Most times, people consider it to be a battery issue.

However, the problem could be beyond that. Therefore, we have given rare points that could damage your Nissan key fob.

01. Dead Battery

A key fob can last for several years; however, the battery in it cannot. So, if the key fob is not responding well to all your command, it’s time to check a few factors.

It might not be the only cause, but it can surely be a potential one.

02. Internal Issues

Not every issue can cause a bad battery; some may also be due to internal damage in the key fob.

This device functions when the transmitter inside it and the receiver on the other end connect. Also, other vital parts in the key fob play a prominent role in its functioning.

03. The key fob is not programmed

Every key fob has its unique lock that needs resetting or programming. So, check if the key is programmed and updated to work efficiently.

04. Aftermarket Keys

Most owners prefer using aftermarket keys as they are inexpensive and suitable for purchase. Yet, it may not be the finest buy always.

Also, each of these keys doesn’t need to be compatible with your Nissan.

05. Duplicate Key

Every person uses duplicate keys for safety. Some people also get duplicates of key fobs for a good purpose. Having such keys is good but not necessarily beneficial for a long time.

Nissan Key Fob Tricks: Tips on Better Experience

Key fobs are unique controls that allow you to operate your vehicle. Some exciting tricks of a key fob are:

01. Start your Nissan

Some cars also offer AutoStart using a key fob. It is a modern technology that permits maximum ease for each user.

02. To lower windows

Push the unlock switch twice and keep it pressed for a while when you hold it the second time. It will lower your car windows automatically.

03. Fold in the mirrors

If your car is parked in a narrow lane, you can fold in your mirrors using the key fob.

04. Open the trunk

Most new models have a switch to unlock the trunk of your car. Check for it on your key fob and try the same.

05. Stay safe at night

Yes, Nissan key fobs can have safety features as well. You can also use the “panic” switch, which will indicate and help you locate your vehicle.

Nissan Key Fob Maintenance: How to Maintain Nissan Key Fob

Maintaining this crucial component of your vehicle is essential. Use these tips to sustain your key fob for a long duration.

Step 1: Store in the right place

Ensure you hang them in the right corner for better performance. A safe place will assure better life and prevent future damage.

Step 2: Use a pouch or faraday bag

Faraday boxes are unique materials that block electromagnetic rays and protect your key fobs the most.

Step 3: Re-programme

Ensure you do this immediately after you purchase your vehicle. Reprogramming helps in reducing theft risk.

Step 4: Turn the signals off

This technique is not directed to all key fobs. Therefore, you may have to enable it or turn it off if your key fob is compatible with the feature.

Step 5: Keep the key fob clean

Clean the key fob with a cloth. The dirt can cause damage and hamper the key performance.

Nissan Key Fob Price

The cost of a key fob may vary from model to model. Moreover, different key fobs have varied features, ranging from $130 to $490.

This price can vary according to the perks and assistances you choose. Today most new models have key fobs because of the aid it provides.

It becomes much easier to unlock and operate your vehicle if you have a key fob.

Also, key fobs are expensive, so we recommend securing insurance for them in case of loss. However, there are numerous perks, and investing in it will surely not fail you.

Nissan Key Fob Battery Price: Cost & other Details

The batteries of a key fob are not very expensive. So, if your Nissan operates on a key fob, you must note that the battery will need an occasional replacement.

Replacing it will not cost you’re a fortune like the key fob. But around $2 to $4 depending on the model and type you pick.

Further, batteries can last for a few years before needing replacement. Thus, the expense is not much.

So, if you notice any change in the working of your key fob, ensure you check its battery and replace it instantly.

Most Important FAQs about Battery for Nissan Key Fob

Why should you reprogram the key fob after putting in a new battery?

Yes, you will have to reprogram it after every battery change. For example, when you change the batteries of a key fob, the key is reset.

And so, it is necessary to reprogramme it to ensure safety from hacking and theft. Also, if you do not program it, the key will not function well.

So, ensure you reset the key fob after each battery change for smooth operation and ease at work.

Which battery is the finest for key fobs?

The Nissan key fob does not operate on all batteries. However, there are a few selective ones that fit the key fob well.

We recommend using the coin cell battery for the Nissan key fob. Also, ensure that you use a 3V battery to serve the key fobs needs well.

What are the measures to program a key fob?

You can program your Nissan key fob using these easy guidelines. They are manageable and do not require a lot of expertise.

  1. Switch the ignition on
  2. Hold the lock switch for long
  3. Turn the ignition off
  4. Repeat the process with some other key fob
  5. Lastly, restart the process

After you program all the key fobs, ensure you turn the car on without an engine. When you press the lock button, a tone will inform you that the programming is achieved.

Practicing the task will give a larger knowledge of the complete method.

What are the top three causes your Nissan Key fob is not working?

There are various causes of key fob failures. Yet, the most striking causes are:

  1. Bad battery – The foremost reason for a key fob failure is a poor battery. Dead batteries can cause issues like improper functioning.
  2. Poor connection – If there is a loss of connection between the key fob and the vehicle, it can also cause poor performance.
  3. Electrical issues – If the issues above are not the cause, then this could be. Any electrical defect can cause the failure of functioning.

What is the term of a key fob battery?

Normally, the battery of a Nissan key fob can last for around three or four years. It entirely depends on your use and the model of battery you put in the key fob. Moreover, where you choose to store your key fob can also affect its battery life. So, consider all these points keenly before using a key fob.

What are the symptoms that indicate the key fob needs a battery change?

There are quite a few signs that indicate that your key fob needs a battery change. Some prominent symptoms are:

  • Worsening signals
  • Inconsistency
  • Over-clicks to unlock the car

Any issues that show misconnection or late response can indicate battery issues. So, it is essential to change it immediately for the smooth functioning of your key fob.

Will any key fob operate your Nissan vehicle?

If you reprogram the Nissan key fob, then yes, you can use any key fob for your vehicle.

Moreover, you can get extended features like unlocking trunk opening and many more using these simple tricks. So, if you want to get more perks, reprogram the Nissan key fob.

What to do if the car does not detect the key fob?

Many times, a car will not detect a key fob for many reasons. In this case, you should use a physical backup key for better operations.

There could be various causes of a poorly functioning key fob. You can easily detect them and solve them when needed.


Now you must know ‘how to change the battery in a Nissan key fob.’ Use all the tips given above for smooth functioning. Also, follow precise guidelines to get accurate results.

Key fobs are essential items of your automobile. So, ensure you change batteries regularly for them to function well.

The guide must have given you a clearer idea about Nissan key fobs and their issues. We believe now you can smoothly deal with all issues successfully.

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