Welcome to Maternity Leave

An Ode to Coffee

Coffee... café, how I'd like to taste you today.

I gave you up to reduce a risk, sometimes in my mind I go tsk tsk.

How could I be so cruel, to hang you up and let my mouth drool.

I long to taste that first bitter bite, I'll do it early enough so I can sleep at night.

Although I usually only see you twice a week. It's those days I yearn for... Oh how I miss  that energy streak.

Dearest café, I'll see you soon, we will be back to our usual and together we will make it past noon.

Depends, it depends...

How much longer will this part last,

When I get up to pee every 2 secs, will it ever be a thing of the past.

I've highly considered at this moment in time,

If I should invest in adult diapers for my old urine pipers.

Maybe just maybe if I can make it through the night, we can put these sleepy pee pee nights out of sight.

Although the alternative would be an imminent diaper rash, and a heaping pile of urea trash.

To be or not to be, wet or dry. Either way one more night like this; I might just give it a try.

Come on sweet baby

Go for a walk they say; perhaps a run. That'll coax out that baby bun.

Been there done that, nothing works you see, than to sit back and wait to meet baby.

39 weeks and 5 days, the last few weeks are all a haze.

I feel your movement as if you were on the other side, but somehow you see mommy as an amusement ride.

Well baby, it must be done, I'm swallowing an eviction notice my daughter or son.

I love you to pieces, to the ends of the universe and back, but it's room in my womb and space that lack.

Don't be afraid to come on out, I can't wait to hear those mighty lungs shout.

So what'll it be?

Will "Bud" be "its" fathers child? Slow and steady, but possibly on time? 


"its" mother's; lulling about, remembering they've got somewhere to be, and then quickly making their way but still arriving late?

Obviously the birth day of "Lil Bud" Montaño couldn't come any faster!

I can't believe the day is almost here where I will temporarily be trading in my gym bag for my hospital bag; where the main workout won't be a weight lifting, running, walking, yoga or any other conventional exercise; and where my main workout will be labor!!! I am sooo ready!
Here is what's in my bag: ( I can't believe all of this stuff is really necessary. )

  1. Newborn diapers
  2. Exfoliating gloves
  3. Burpee cloth
  4. Spare flower
  5. phone
  6. Nursing bra
  7. Burrito
  8. Headphones and iPod
  9. Toothbrush
  10. Toothpaste
  11. Babyganics moisturizing lotion
  12. Facial cleanser
  13. Towel
  14. Babyganics hand sanitizing wipes
  15. Heating pad
  16. Nursing pads
  17. Camera
  18. Bag of mixed nuts
  19. Chapsticks
  20. Credit card, ID and insurance card
  21. Camera Charger
  22. 22ounce water bottle
  23. Baby's coming home outfit (not pictured)
  24. Hair ties

Cheers and here is to my official maternity leave... I will miss my perma-table.

Alysia Montaño the Flying Flower.