The Way of the Kiwi

Talk about a refreshment of mind body and spirit! New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world hands down, not to mention a great place for spiritual grounding. I embarked upon this journey for my honeymoon celebrating my March Nuptials. My husband had this brilliant idea of visiting this beautiful land, and if I wasn’t certain I picked a winner I am definitely now. We had the most hands on experience of the land, along the way we got a slice of several different parts of the world, meeting people from all over and sharing love, appreciation and laughter. With our not so conventional honeymoon experience we took away better parts of ourselves that has strengthened our relationship. Adventure adventure adventure, I am certain that our relationship is full of so much more! There is only one thing I can say, I will not miss road trips, early mornings and 4 hour bus rides!

Sadly I had to leave and return to my old stomping grounds in the US of A. As it is now, I have carried the chill way of the kiwi’s over here with me and I love it. Rush not want not. Here it is the beginning of November and my body still has no idea what time it is. I think I need a few more weeks to digest my trip and allow the trips splendor to sit and be with me before I jump into the way America does things. WORK WORK WORK and NOW NOW NOW. I’m gonna miss that. Trust me when I say I will not let what I have learned from this trip leave me. We all just need to breathe. That’s all I have got for now, like I said, this is my time to digest.
- Alysia Montaño