Self Love: A Yoga Challenge

February is the month most often associated with love. A time for chocolates and flowers, whispers of sweet nothings to our significant others, and extravagant and shiny gifts.

If we can take the time to indulge in these frivolous, but albeit fun things, shouldn’t we also take the time to indulge in a bit of self love?

It is important - nay - imperative that we lavish ourselves not only in the tangible things in life, but also through our internal affirmations and the care we provide our bodies. What better way to do so than to take a few moments every day to breath deep and hit reset?

Starting on February 1st I am partnering with JasYoga for fourteen days in an effort to show how athletes hit reset and also show my fans and folks how to incorporate yoga into their fitness routine. Check out the article about me on Jas Yoga’s site for more information!

Each day I will post a video on my Instagram demonstrating a new move with details on how that move will impact your fitness in a positive way. Keep up with all of the moves on Insta with the hashtags #14daysloveyoga and #athletesforyoga and on @JasYoga with the promocode ALYSIARESET. This will grant you a full free month of videos on JasYoga’s site!

The event will end on Valentine’s Day, the ultimate day of love, and will leave us all with an idea of how to better ourselves through fitness with the helpful moves in yoga. Be sure to tag @alysiamontano as you follow along!

Remember: Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Love your body.

- AM, flying flower