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[Top 10] Best Shocks for Nissan Armada Review 2021 [+Buying Considerations & FAQs]

Getting the best shocks for Nissan Armada makes driving more comfortable. One of the important parts of a car that makes driving easier and enjoyable for car users is the shocks.

The car and everything in it must have balance while the car is on the road.

Shocks perform balance and stabilizing functions in a car when it is on loads, moving on bumps, or going through an uneven or bad road condition.

Part of what drivers should cater for in the car for smooth and unhitched driving is the shocks. It gives the car balance and speed to move on different conditions of the road.

This gives confidence to car users and makes the car efficient and improves its performance.

A Quick View of Best Nissan Armada Shocks

Photo Title Buy
2 Front Hood...image 2 Front Hood Gas Lift Supports Struts Shocks Springs for 2004-2012 Nissan Titan or 2004 Nissan Pathfinder or 2005-2013 Nissan Armada Check Details
Bilstein 5100 Series...image Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit for Nissan Titan 4WD 2004-14 - Includes Front Ride Height Adjustable Shocks # 24-197649 & Rear Shocks # 24-186766 by Bilstein Check Details
Detroit Axle -...image Detroit Axle - 4PC Front Complete Struts w/Coil Springs and Rear Shock Absorbers for 2005-2015 Nissan Armada Check Details
QiMox Gas Charged...image QiMox Gas Charged Hood Lift Supports Struts Shocks Compatible With Nissan Armada 2005-2013, Nissan Pathfinder 2004, Nissan Titan 2004-2012 (Pack of 2) Check Details
Maxpow Front Hood...image Maxpow Front Hood Gas Charged Lift Support Struts Hood Support Compatible With Armada 2005-2015, Tian 2004-2015 Qty (2) 4182 Hood Lift Hood Strut Check Details
2 Pcs Front...image 2 Pcs Front Hood Lift Supports Shocks Struts Gas Springs Props For 2004-2014 Armada Titan Pathfinder Check Details
Maxpow Qt2 PM2052...image Maxpow Qt2 PM2052 Rear Liftgate Hatch Lift Support shocks struts With Power Liftgate Compatible With QX56 2004-2010, Armada 2005-2015 Check Details
Nissan 2008-2015 Armada...image Nissan 2008-2015 Armada Rear Set of 2 Air Shock Absorber Struts OEM New Check Details
Shoxtec Front Pair...image Shoxtec Front Pair Complete Struts Assembly Replacement for 04-19 Nissan Titan; 04-10 QX56; 04-15 Nissan Armada Coil Spring Shock Absorber Repl. Part No. 171358 Check Details
Shock Spring Assembly...image Shock Spring Assembly Front Rear Driver Passenger Kit Set of 4 for Nissan Armada Check Details

i. What is the Best Brand for Nissan Armada Air Suspension Replacement?

Vepagoo products are the best shocks for Nissan Armada.

Vepagoo is a vehicle aftermarket parts manufacturing company that specializes in making professional vehicle parts.

It has the largest market in the industry and has been endorsed by car users and professional mechanics in America, Europe, and other parts of the world for products of the best quality, perfect fit, easy installation, and cost-efficiency.

When you want to replace your air suspension, Vepagoo is the brand that has the best quality that fits your car and has lasting effects.

ii. Why Vepagoo is the Best Shocks Brand for Nissan Armada?

Having smooth and enjoyable driving is important for car users and it is the reason that they choose the Vepagoo shocks for their cars.

It is important that a vehicle is balanced on the four wheels and parts have shocks to stabilize it on movement. This is the function of good shocks.

Vepagoo shocks brand offers better comfort and stability on the highway.

With the help of the improved lift in the shocks, it enhances the balance and stability of the car and it automatically adapts itself with the nature of the road, this enables smooth driving on the highway.

Besides, Vepagoo shocks enhance control when turning, applying brakes, and accelerating.

It also helps get balance and adapt to uneven road surfaces, this will make the tires remain in contact with the pavement and the car will not bounce down the road.

A bumpy and curvy road, Vepagoo shocks are what you need, they will serve you comfort on your off-road excursions and adventures.

What’s more, Vepagoo products are produced with duality materials and the best engineering design that fits your car, this guarantees high performance and the lastingness that you will have.

You are certain to have a better-performing vehicle and more smooth and enjoyable driving on the road.

The 10 Best Shocks for Nissan Armada

01. Vepagoo 2 High-Quality Front Hood Gas Lift for Nissan Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect-fit bracket
  • Solid steel body
  • Enhanced piston rod

Looking for Nissan Armada air suspension replacement?

We recommend the Vepagoo 2 Front Hood Gas Lift Supports Struts Shocks Springs.

This works with compressed gas in a cylinder with piston compression so that force can be gained for enhancing the front hood’s weight or dorrs of the back liftgate tailgate trunk hatchback.

Besides, they are produced with duality materials and the best engineering design that fits your car, which guarantees high performance and the lastingness that you will have.

With their electroplated steel body, pure nitrogen filling, and heat curing, you can be confident of getting a product that will meet your expectations.


  • Multiple seals
  • Durable
  • Easy installation


  • May not lock in place

02. BILSTEIN 5100 Adjustable Series Shock Kit for Nissan Titan

Highlighted Features

  • High-pressure monotube gas shock
  • 14mm digressive piston
  • Patented efficient design
  • Two each for rears and fronts.

If you love smooth rides without the bumpiness that can be a nuisance, pick great Nissan Armada shocks.

Look no further than the Bilstein 5100. ‘Ride height adjustable’ in its name means that they can easily adjust the height according to load adjustment, speed, and terrain.

Also, they are suitable for the most demanding terrain.

Asides from the very obvious benefit which can easily be deduced from its name, the Bilstein 5100 shock is versatile when it comes to enhanced handling and improved wheel travel.

This is particularly handy for drivers of wide tires.

Furthermore, the Bilstein 5100 shock is also great for durability and a consistent driving experience because of the superior materials used in their making.

It will not let you down and can pull through anything, as much as a pressure of 12 tons.


  • Smooth driving experience even on damaged roads
  • Durable
  • Suitable for on-road and off-road terrains
  • Improved handling


  • Does not fit every vehicle.

03. Detroit Axle – 4PC Front Complete Struts Rear Shock for Nissan Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Superior swagger mount
  • Depression bumper
  • Spiral spring
  • Superior spring seat
  • Swagger dust boot
  • Inferior spring separators

Searching for Nissan Armada shocks? Look no further.

Detroit Axle is a mainstream manufacturer of ride control items. That propensity verifies the legitimacy of Detroit Axle’s OE-quality aftermarket.

For example, the upper strut mount has premium-style orientation, nuts, and fasteners matching OE determinations.

The Hollow Bumper prevents parts from harming when the suspension bottoms are out and fortifies the shock assimilation.

The Coil Spring is produced with excellent steel, trailed by an exact adjustment to help the vehicle’s weight and keep the tallness in the right position.

In addition, it incorporates the Upper Spring Seat that forestalls communicating any commotion or vibration into the frame.

Swagger Dust Boot protects the swagger bar and seals, permitting expanded shock life. The Lower Spring Isolators stay away from vibration of metal to metal contact.

Also, the NEW Premium Strut depends on magnificent premium swagger application innovation.

Each swagger component boasts application-designed valving to supplement every vehicle’s special ride and taking care of qualities.


  • The electrophoretic covering can further develop oxidation obstruction
  • Brilliant stability
  • Simple to install
  • Agreeable experience


  • Limited availability

04. QiMox Gas Charged Hood Lift Easy to Install Struts Shocks for Nissan

Highlighted Features

  • Simple to supplant a ball stud Lift Support
  • Non-dangerous establishment
  • Precise fit
  • Weighty gauge steel body
  • Expanded length
  • Meets or exceeds OEM makes detail

If you want to get the best Nissan Armada suspension, check out the QiMox Gas Charged Hood Lifts.

They offer great top-notch lift upholds for customers from North America, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

They are continually attempting to make buying items simpler at a sensible expense and shop.

Moreover, the products go an extra mile as they offer a wide variety of vehicle applications, including 2005-2013 Nissan Armada, 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, and 2004-2012 Nissan Titan.

QiMox is focused on bringing the shoppers the simplicity and solace of discovering the parts they need.

Upheld by solid Technical Support, they will deal with your necessities and do the examination expected to track down that elusive thing.

Their high quality and up to standard products are undeniably great.


  • Packed length
  • Simple lifting decreased shutting exertion
  • Simple to introduce with basic hand devices in not more than minutes
  • Guarantee a more extended help life
  • Superior quality
  • Diverse application


  • It may not be very clear to identify a specific type for your car

05. Maxpow Shocks Hood Gas Charged Lift Support Struts Compatible With Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Establishment and capacity in any position
  • Coordinated oil chamber
  • Security against vibration and light side powers
  • Incredible life cycles
  • Creation of most reduced augmentation powers
  • Low split away powers

Maxpow is a car post-retail parts supplier in North America.

It is a renowned brand in lift support swaggers, which are produced out of the greatest quality, most noteworthy grade materials.

They end up being a simple fit and simple to introduce in no time.

Additionally, Maxpow endeavors to offer lift upholds with the expansion of extraordinary life cycles and cost-saving.

Position of lift upholds, swaggers, dampers could be front or back hood, trunk, back end, lift gate, trunk cover, incubate, back window glass, rear-end help, and capacity box.

Hence, the products are perfect for Nissan Armada air suspension replacement. They are viable with 2004 Pathfinder Armada, 2005-2015 Armada, 2004-2015 Titan


  • Smooth and calm lifting
  • Incredible and solid lift
  • Simple to introduce as a 5-minute job.
  • Most elevated consumption opposition
  • Powder-covered cylinders and uncommonly treated cylinder bar surfaces.


  • It may be challenging to distinguish between similar products

06. Tadamark 2 Pcs Front Hood Lift Supports Shocks Struts For 2004-2014 Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Broadened Length
  • Meet or surpass OE determinations
  • Arrangement of lift upholds
  • Exact operation
  • OE Quality design for swift Introduction

Do you desire a perfect Nissan Armada suspension?

TadaMark is one of the quickly developing auto reseller exchange parts online suppliers in America.

With over eight years of involvement with the business, all parts will meet or surpass OE particulars, which will be an optimal decision to supplant your wrecked parts.

In addition, the quality of expertise included in the production process ensures that only the best products are available for the market.

Arrangement of lift upholds, swaggers, and dampers could be front or back hood, trunk, back end, lift gate, trunk cover, bring forth, back window glass, rear-end help, and capacity box.

These products are designed to majorly work for Nissan Armada, Nissan Titan, and Nissan Pathfinder.


  • Definite Fit
  • OE quality plan guarantees simple Installation and exact activity
  • Compacted and prolonged length
  • Applicable to both left and right front hoods
  • Superior quality


  • The lift upholds with solid that power can’t be squeezed with a bare hand

07. Maxpow Qt2 PM2052 Rear Lift Support shocks struts Compatible With Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth and calm lifting
  • Low split away powers
  • Insurance against vibration and light side powers
  • Coordinated oil chamber
  • Extraordinary life cycles
  • Negligible grating to create the most minimal augmentation powers.

The Maxpow Qt2 PM2052 can be trusted as Nissan Armada rear air shocks. Maxpow is one of the biggest North American car post-retail part suppliers.

Furthermore, a renowned brand in lift support swaggers made out of the greatest quality, most elevated grade materials and ended up being a simple fit and simple to introduce in practically no time.

It endeavors to offer lift upholds with the augmentation of extraordinary life cycles and cost-saving.

Arrangement of lift supports, swaggers, and dampers could be front or back hood, trunk, back end, lift gate, trunk cover, incubate, back window glass, rear-end help, and capacity box.

Besides, the Maxpow lift supports substitution, no really holding it up, or it is hitting you in the head.

It supports swaggers, hence, observe your way to DO-IT-YOURSELF cheap Installation.


  • Cost-effective
  • Amazing and solid to lift
  • Simple to introduce
  • Top-notch associating parts
  • Low breakaway powers
  • Superior quality


  • Varying compatibility needing counterchecking before purchase

08. Nissan Shocks High Quality Air Shock Absorber Struts for Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps up with ride height even when loaded
  • Simple to change
  • Remarkable dealing with
  • Totally solid
  • Steady ride
  • Full uprooted valving

If you want Nissan Armada rear shocks that will not disappoint you at critical periods, you can consider the Nissan 2008-2015 Armada Rear Set of 2 Air Shock Absorber Struts.

They are ideal for vehicles that reliably pull weighty loads or tow trailers.

Also, Armada air safeguards are intended to keep up with level vehicle stature.

These shocks can be expanded or emptied depending on the situation, up to 150 PSI, to keep up with ride stature when under load with extra weight up to 1,200 lbs.

Additionally, dedicated vehicles that reliably pull weighty loads or tow trailers can convey the heap on Armada air shocks.

Not only for ride solace, but shocks are also important for the protected treatment of your vehicle.

What’s more, by keeping up with vertical burdens set upon the tires, the shocks assist with guaranteeing predictable tire-to-street contact.

The shocks additionally assist with keeping a fair ride by giving protection from vehicle skip, roll, and influence, just as brake jump and speed increase squat.


  • The air chamber can be swelled or emptied
  • Air fitting opposes air spillage and ties into the industrial facility framework
  • Full-uprooted valving on pressure and augmentation cycles
  • Solidified and accurate ground cylinder bar
  • Driving with worn shocks can bring about issues

09. Shoxtec Premium Quality Front Pair Complete Struts for Nissan Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Swagger’s mounts produced with SAE-3 Grade Bolts as well as Nuts.
  • An empty guard forestalls shocks harm when the vehicle base out.
  • Top-notch oil seal for forestalling liquid spillage.
  • Elastic Dust Boot prevents liquid spillage.
  • Spring Seat has open notches to keep away from water and dregs amassing.
  • Convenient

Shoxtec Suspension has over 20 years of involvement with assembling top-notch car suspension parts.

In addition, they fabricate suspension items for vehicles, trucks, rough terrain vehicles just for tuning purposes.

Shoxtec Suspension Parts incorporate Strut Mounts, Strut Assemblies, Customized Suspension System,  Coil Spring, and Air Suspension Conversion Kits.

After Shoxtec is introduced, you will have a decreased vehicle vibration. Perfect drive, especially when turning and there won’t be liquid spillage.

You will have more secure driving with decreased slowing down distance and feel more all right with less body and wheel commotions.


  • Less vibration and no more undercarriage commotions during driving
  • More limited braking distance and diminished turning rolls
  • Made to endure
  • Simple to Install, no unique apparatuses required
  • Exact planned and superior quality


  • Varied compatibility needing cross-checking

10. TRQ Shock Front and Rear Driver Passenger Kit Set for Nissan Armada

Highlighted Features

  • Swagger mount
  • Swagger bearing
  • Curl spring
  • Bootkit

TRQ is a name to be reckoned with for Nissan Armada rear shocks replacement. Stacked swaggers with pre-gathered application explicit plan that doesn’t permit alterations.

It is coordinated with pair with further developed solace and expanded assistance life—reestablished execution for decreased body influence and vibration.

Also, supplanting swaggers used to require specific apparatuses to pack, eliminate, and move the old spring and mount.

Nonetheless, the pre-collected, complete swagger and spring gatherings accompany every new part and make the work a lot speedier and simpler for the DIY technician.

In addition, it has a watertight cylinder seal and rust-proof assurance, which offers more grounded perseverance and a more extended lifetime in outrageous conditions.

Superior quality consideration during manufacture to give an elegant and long-lasting experience of riding.

The product is fitting for OE items and well designed for Nissan Armada, hence, you should expect a flawless encounter.


  • Pre-gathered application explicit plan
  • No alterations important
  • Further developed solace and broadened administration life
  • Diminished body influence and vibration
  • Faster do it yourself Installation
  • Superior quality


  • It can open you to synthetics, including Chromium that is harmful to your health

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Shocks for Nissan Armada

Evaluating the condition of your shock absorbers is difficult, it is necessary to understand their function to determine the value of keeping them in good working order.

Your Nissan Armada’s shock absorbers are part of the vehicle’s safety features. They guarantee perfect road handling through the maintenance of balanced wheel-to-ground contact as well as even weight distribution of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the shock absorbers ensure your Nissan Armada’s driving comfort; if they are worn out, you will become tired faster, making getting behind the wheel more dangerous. Finally, worn shock absorbers increase the rate of wear of other components like tires and silent blocks.

When To Change Shocks

We’ll now look at the part that will almost certainly lead you to this article: when should his Nissan Armada’s shock absorbers be replaced?

We’ll show you how to tell if your shock absorbers need to be replaced and when you should consider doing so after you’ve seen the benefits of having them in good shape.

There aren’t many options for this, but we’ll go over the different ways to determine when to replace the shock absorbers on a Nissan Armada:-

We estimate that a car’s shock absorbers will last about 80 000 kilometers. So if you have a used Nissan Armada, try to find out when the last shock absorber was replaced or check the kilometers if it’s a new Nissan Armada.

Besides,  determining the time to replace your Nissan Armada’s shocks can rely on technical control.

This thorough examination of your vehicle (especially since its evolution in 2019) allows for a thorough examination of its condition.

It will inspect your shock absorbers for leaks, rod deformation, corrosion, and the repair of these issues.

If you know how to poker around your vehicle, you can check for oil on the shock absorbers, which indicates that there is a leak somewhere.

Moreover, if your Nissan Armada squeaks or behaves strangely in turns or when passing over speed bumps, for example, consult our article on the subject.

One of these signs may indicate that your shock absorbers are wearing out and that it is time to replace them.

Check if one of the corners of your Nissan Armada is lower than the others by placing it on a flat surface and struggling with the bonnet.

If you need to get precise measurements, don’t be afraid to use a tape measure. This may indicate that a shock absorber mounting has deteriorated.

Check the tread wear on your Nissan Armada’s tires if you notice anything unusual on the “sidewalls” of your tires, it could be a sign of worn shocks.

Know your shocks measurements

The first thing to do when you want to buy shocks for Nissan Armada is to take the measurements of the original one that you have.

I will tell you how to do this: The lengths of a shock, when extended and collapsed, are calculated from the loop mount’s center or stud mount’s base.

Remove the shock from the vehicle leaving it for self-expansion or draw it with force until it gets to its full position before taking a calculation.

Factors to Consider

  • Choose shocks that boost ride control as well as handling without compromising relative convenience.
  • Select shocks with optimum lastingness and reliability. Also suitable for daily driving, haulage, towing, and maneuvering off-roads.
  • Choose shocks that restore factory-like handling characteristics, but if you want to make your vehicle had more options than what it had, choose high-quality shocks.
  • Choose shocks with the ability to adjust the quality of your ride.

Most Important FAQs about Nissan Armada Shocks

What shocks to get for the smoothest ride?

The shock that guarantees the smoothest ride should be the same or almost the same as factory tuning. This will help in boosting the performance of your vehicle at all times.

Will better shocks improve ride quality?

Yes. Better shocks will certainly boost your ride quality. In addition, they help with the performance of your brake, and you will be able to negotiate corners with a higher level of confidence.

How can I improve my ride quality?

There are many things to do to boosts your ride quality. Stay away from bigger wheels, select the right tires, replace suspension parts, and ensure that your vehicle has the right height.

Do better shocks make a difference?

Better shocks make a difference, especially if you engage in more off-road driving. Upgrading your shock is a good idea so that you can experience optimum effectiveness.

Do aftermarket shocks make a difference?

Aftermarket shocks guarantee enhanced performance when moving at a high speed or traveling through a bad road network.

If you can lay your hands on a high-quality product, it makes a lot of difference.

What is the average lifespan of a shock absorber?

The lifespan of a shock absorber is decided by the type of road you drive it on. Averagely, it should serve up to 20,000 and 30,000 miles before thinking about replacing it.

What are the signs of bad shocks?

Signs of bad shock include imbalance at highway speeds, vehicle tipping to one side when turning, excessive bouncing tires, and strange tire wear.

Others are rear-ending squat when accelerating, spilling fluid on the shock’s exterior, just to mention a few.

Do I need to replace all 4 shocks at once?

The replacement of shocks is usually carried out in pairs. You can get a replacement for the four wheels simultaneously to boost handling as well as a constant response from all sides.

What do bad shocks sound like?

Your vehicle will make a grunting, groaning,  screeching noise when you move fast on a bump or negotiate a sharp bend swiftly.

How do I know if my shock absorbers need replacing?

Do this simple test. Push down the front part of your car and notice what happens after you release the pressure. If it bounces up and down three times or more, you may need to change your shock absorbers.

What is the cost of replacing all 4 shocks?

To replace one shock, you should plan to spend between $150 and $900 to get the shock, while the labor cost can be somewhere between $150 and $300. For the four shocks, you can spend between $450 and $1,100.

Can you replace shocks one at a time?

It is not advisable to change one shock at a time to prevent getting uneven results. This can result in further problems in the future.

How long does it take to replace all 4 shocks?

Ideally, changing four shocks should not take more than two to three hours, if handled by an expert.

Do shocks affect performance?

Good shocks help with the drivability of your vehicle. They enable the even abrasion of your tires so that they last longer.


Understandably, acquiring the best shocks for Nissan Armada is not a stroll in the park.

That is why we come up with this guide to put you in the right position to make the most satisfactory decision.

We also covered factors to consider before choosing a product as well as top products in the market.

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